Monday, January 24, 2011

Brodie Awards

A year ago I became aware of the Brodie Awards. These are peer review awards voted on by readers of the many different genres of Mormon and Ex-Mormon blogs, discussion boards, etc.. Fawn Brodie was a very well known author that wrote a very compelling book that did not put Joseph Smith or the LDS church in very good light. An award in her name is quite an honor to those of us who have read acres of pages of essays, humor pieces, and documentation that examines LDS culture, leaders, and beliefs.

I'm new to the blogging scene and still a novice among many of the more skilled and well known authors. I wrote "Ambiguously Gendered Kitten" as a humorous post on Post Mormon in October after Boyd K. Packer made his unkind statements regarding gays. A while later I posted it as a blog entry and assumed that was the end of it. Someone read it and nominated it for the most humorous title in the Brodie Awards. Not quite a compliment to the content but it's a start and hopefully in time the things I write will garner more attention and value among those that read this blog.

I didn't start this particular blog to highlight my most humorous essays, although they do exist. I've written some very funny, sardonic, parody oriented pieces but they weren't especially geared to the theme of Finding the Pony. But I think I will start a blog much like "Ward Gossip" where I post mostly the funny stuff I come across and write myself, helping to draw attention to the very funny and clever people that abound in the Exmormon world.

Anyway, it sure does feel good to be noticed. Thanks Brodie Awards. Thanks my six or seven fans that voted!!


Donna Banta said...

Congratulations on your award! I tried to e-mail you and it bounced back. I'll try again at

C. L. Hanson said...

Six or seven? lol, you won the "most humorous title" by a landslide -- because it was a fantastic one-line take on the talk!! It's nothing against the content -- it's just that there was a ton of stiff competition, and you can't always win everything. ;)

Insana D said...

Thanks CL Hanson!! The six or seven comment was just some self depricating humor and I wasn't expecting to win anything so even winning on a title is pretty exciting. Now that I'm aware of the competition and the quality of writing I plan to up my game to be part of next years offerings as well. Winning sort of teased me into trying harder. Thanks for letting me in the game.

Anonymous said...

When recovery from mormonism feels a long, long way off...when yet another hate spewing letter arrives from a TBM family member...when I'm all ready to climb the bell tower nearest a 11-foot golden man with a trumpet... all I need do is read your blog and pretty soon I'm laughing and know somehow its going to be okay.
Keep hitting those keys. please

Insana D said...

Well Anonymous, I'm not sure who you are but if this blog doesn't cheer you up then hopefully the new KoriWhore's Double D's will do the trick. I've made that blog as a place for all my most irreverent silliest stuff that doesn't quite fit here. Hopefully it'll be the place where people in need of a good life affirming laugh will seek for solace and comfort. Thanks again for the support and encouragement. Sometimes I forget that anyone is reading this.

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