Sunday, October 31, 2010

Life After Mormonism-Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Today is Halloween. It's also a Sunday. In my former LDS days I would have had to try to juggle the traditional holiday with the LDS Sabbath mandates to only do religious and more reverent things on that day.

I don't have a problem with such mandates since I understand the value of having a day of rest but I am happy to no longer be tied to a rigid set of rules that seem to mindlessly dictate all our choices. I can appreciate reverent activities and appreciate their place. Halloween isn't one of those. It seems to super cede the other 51 Sundays of the year because it's a sacred tradition in itself. Some try to hold it on the preceding Saturday but those are usually an epic fail.

Today I started the day off leisurely with my husband and got to my UU church around 9:00 a.m. to help decorate. We had a huge potluck and service action to raise money for the new kitchen appliances. I dressed up as Agnostica, defender of Reason and Rationality. I made my costume from some dollar store junk that I spray painted & hot glued together to make my cool costume. It was fun to dress up for once. I'm too fat to be sexy anymore but I got a ton of attention for the massive plastic boobies. Men go all goofy in the presence of massive breasts.

I had to leave early to come to a family party for my husbands birthday but I think they raised a good share of money. The music was strange until the pianist played the theme music from Adams Family. It was a strange experience but let me know that I was definitely not in Kansas anymore. No tedious boring predictable LDS sacrament meeting.

Here's some pictures of the decorations I made & various fellow UU's, including my sweet husband BABB (in his motorcycle get-up and an orange shirt that says, "Costume").

This is Ferdinand and Imelda, my beloved scarecrows. I had to re-do their heads and torsos this year since they'd been mostly sun killed in the last five years. They spend most of the year in the top of the storage shed ogling each other and their stuffed pelvic areas in scandalously close proximity. They seem to never grow tired of each other. True love.

Our Social Committee Chairperson asked me to make a large banner to decorate this half of the Social Hall so I called a local elementary school and got some orange and black butcher paper and then with a white pencil I drew out the big funky haunted house shapes and other Halloween characters and glued them to the orange banner. It turned out pretty cool.

We have so many different kinds of people that come to our UU church. Many are in the retirement age but we're getting more young families all the time. I love the diversity and feeling of openness there. There seems to be something for everyone and a welcoming spirit. I'm so glad I found this community. They've helped me find a place for my talents and desire to serve.

Jamie is one of the smartest men I've ever met. He's in the Air Force here in Vegas but I don't know what he does there. I asked him about his costume and he said he wanted to choose something that is the most frightening and horrific symbol of all, a religious fanatic. His chain mail was the real stuff and looked to weigh about 30 lbs. his sword was very long and powerful looking.
Thia is my husband Bill (BABB). He melts my butter and I think he's a very handsome man. He's generous and kind and one of the most moral men I've ever met. He's also a devout Atheist. It's possible and also often quite likely that many Atheists and Agnostics are very good people because they care very deeply for their fellow man, not because they feel guilt or fear about their eternal reward. The mantra, "Be good for goodness sake" would definitely apply to the way Bill and I would like to model our lives and commitment to our community. 
As you can see, UU's are pretty normal folks. Even the abnormal ones are pretty mild. My kind of people.


Donna Banta said...

Love the costume, hard to believe you glue-gunned that together with stuff from the dollar store. Almost sounds like a Homemaking project -- except for the boobs. Whenever anyone asks me to name something good I took away from Mormonism, it's usually some sort of crafting skill (now more usefully applied.)

Mark and I attended a UU church in Dallas and loved it. Now that we're in SF we like spending our Sundays outdoors. The great thing about athiests, UU's, agnostics, etc. is that they concentrate on making better societies in this world and not in the next.

Thanks for sharing your awesome Halloween, and congratulations for celebrating it on Sunday! (Not Saturday like the UT faithful. -- blech.)

Insana D said...

Thanks Donna. I enjoyed giving my time and talents to the church but saw so many of the things we did as completely pointless. Making halloween costumes (especially slutty ones) is never a bad thing and I really enjoy trying to come up with something original.

My UU group is so really involved in community charities. We have 50/50 Sundays where all the donations collected are divied and 50% of the collection goes to a specific charity. All the charities are vetted for their transparancy in donations and administrative costs so that we know our money is being used for the purposes intended. I feel good when I donate to the UUs.

Check out Rock Waterman's blog called Pure Mormonism. It goes into some glaring detail about the LDS corporation.

Made me glad I got out, not that I needed another reason.

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