Thursday, October 21, 2010

Katie Couric-CBS (My questions to Jeff Sharlet at Exmo Conference)

Last weekend BABB and I went to the Exmormon Conference where a famous author Jeff Sharlet was a featured speaker. He's got two books on the NYTimes Best Seller List and has done numerous cable and mainstream television interviews. I'd listened to his interviews on NPR and was very excited when I heard he would speak at our conference.

Here's the video of his talk and at about the one hour mark he finishes and the floor is opened for questions. I asked basically two questions,

 I was intrigued by one of your most recent NPR interviews where you were discussing your research into the Ugandan efforts to make homosexuality a capital offense.

One thing you touched on was the suggestion that all the hoopla and rage incited over homosexuality in places like Uganda is actually a carefully orchestrated ploy to detract attention & outrage from the genocide, corruption, violent crime, & economic difficulties that are rampant in these places. My first question is: Do you believe one of the motives of the C Street & possibly LDS leadership is to use homosexuality as a smokescreen over the dastardly deeds going on behind the scenes?
During the Bush era a considerable amount of money was given for AIDS assistance in Africa. Do you think there are connections between the Bush-Abstinence & Christian messages that may have contributed to the ignorance in some third world countries regarding homosexuality?

Do you believe the Christian agenda contributes to the ignorance & fear of using safe sex practices and thereby the spread of AIDS?


Jenny said...

I was going to write something deep and insightful but I don't want to put down the Tom Collins I have been carrying around in my hand since I picked it up in Salt Lake :)

Donna Banta said...

Those were good questions, and I thought his presentation was awesome.

Anonymous said...

A nicety would be to put quotation marks around your words, the questions you posed. If you are quoting the replies, using quotes would make it clear that those are the speaker's words rather than your paraphrase.

Your Regal Friend,

"And if it so be that there is a devil and a hell, ... behold these things matter not." (Alma 54:22)

Insana D said...

Thanks Amoron. I will do my best to correct that and I thank you for helping me see those important things.

Did you watch the presentation? What do you think of my questions?

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