Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Death Of A Manipulative Friend

Losing one's religion and subsequent faith seems to leave a massive hole in the day to day workings of ones life. It's often the loss of connections to others still entrenched in that religion or faith and the loss of trust, not only in the leaders but in the concept of God and his purported words. For most of us, those things are very difficult to let go, especially if we know nothing else. We are often set adrift with little to model our lives after and few who support our decision to go alone into that big wide world.

But now, nearly a decade after leaving Mormonism and just a few short years after releasing my dependence on a mystical arbitrary all consuming God, I have begun to find that all the happiness, all the friendship, all the support and joy in life can be had right here, right now, with the people, animals, places we have access to in this life. I don't need to wait for my eternal reward because I am being rewarded right now for all the efforts I can put into those relationships.

Heaven is right here on this earth. It's what we make of every day and how we treat others. God didn't inspire that. Goodness inspired that. Be good for goodness sake. 


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for new "stuff" on your blog. Love this one for your insight, cartoon and acceptance of the new reality (in any order)... and one teeny nit pick "working of ones life" to "one's life" ...

Insana D said...

Thankyou so much. I love it when someone helps me with the grammar and spelling issues because even if I don't always remember every rule, it's nice to know how to make things better. I didn't draw the cartoon but stole it off of Postmo from someone who stole it from a skeptic comic site on the net. I should have linked the originator. I will go and do that and then return and report (which sounds a lot like kissing and telling). In about a week I'm going to have a little time on my hands and I plan to write a lot more, post some great articles and see if I can get my mind wrapped back around this book idea. I appreciate your insight and help very much.

Ahab said...

I'm pleased that you've found so much warmth and support after leaving your faith. May you continue to discover friends, freedom, and wonderful experiences!

Insana D said...

A lot of former LDS folks struggle for years to find a support system or sense of community, especially when all their family and local townsfolks are still devout LDS. I had to really stretch my mind and social skills to find a place where I fit.

I think the LDS church likes to create infantalized socially retarded members who struggle to make friends outside the faith. It keeps them tethered and depenedent, a perfect match for a church that needs blind obedient sheep to maintain the status quo.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. As someone who grew up without religion, I thought I was missing something, and then was worried that my children lost something by not being raised in a religion. More and more I am convinced that without religion is better for people than with religion. I am extremely proud of how my children have accepted their retarded sibling and will care for her when I can't. However the religious wing of the family find it difficult to be in the same town with her. Even her religious- to -a -fault grandfather rejected her. What does that tell you??? I rest my case.

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